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Luxury bus on rent in Mumbai

In today’s busy world where we all have to travel across the cities for work, meetings and any occasion.

We need our journey to be comfortable and relaxing so that Luxury Bus on Rent in Mumbai can accomplish your task on reaching the destination without any fatigue and stress. And when talk travelling in Mumbai, those are living in Mumbai know how hard is travelling there because of heavy traffic.

But, with 45 Seater Luxury Bus on Rent in Mumbai, we make your journey easy and smooth. Renting a luxury bus with the affordable price structure is really a tough job to do as finding the luxurious one, onto the big metro cities such as Mumbai can be a bit heavy on the wallet.

But also at Sushma Travels, one can find all the luxurious facilities along with the comfort to make the journey smooth and happening. Find a bus who’s affordable and luxurious at the same time is not easy, but with us, it can happen, which not only satisfies you but also give you a luxurious and overwhelmed feeling.

  • Mumbai with most populated cities, there are thousands of people who move along with their groups for various projects, so most of them prefer to take 45 Seater Bus Hire in Mumbai and you can easily find at us. At our platform one can find several deals which serves you the right and makes you feel good as we satisfied our customers and works on customer retention more.
  • Lots of travellers and tourists visit Mumbai and prefer to travel over the bus to the outskirts of the city and near places by 45 Seater Luxury Deluxe Bus on Rent in Mumbai and can explore the beauty of the city and greenery and it can be only possible by bus.
  • Renting a luxurious bus can increase your excitement even more as it facilitates you in many ways and take care of one, as comfort more precisely. The most common use for which people use the bus is on the occasion of marriage when your venue for the marriage is in a nearby city. So it becomes your responsibility to make their journey happy and memorable yet comfortable so for this many options for Hire 45 Seater Luxury Coaches. As these busses are quite
    spacious so many people can take advantage of it by pre-booking of these busses with their families or friends.

Whenever we talk of luxury in bus the real luxury is in Hire 49 Seater Luxury Coaches is the most popular choice because of the comfort level this bus provides needless to say now of our price in which we offer every service to you.

Now with all said at Sushma Travels you can easily find Luxury Bus on Hire in Mumbai and if you want to do pre-booking, we also give discounts for early bookings and you can book or rent from anywhere in India and enjoy your journey.

Because of the heavy crowd in trains and locals, people usually prefer 49 Seater
Bus on Rent in Mumbai, which is more convenient and flexible for the use as it
can be used at any time as you want. Considering the most important factor today is time and buses are always considered for punctuality, so this is also the main reason why people choose to go for buses when it comes to travelling. If you do not hire a better bus for the travelling purpose than that your biggest mistake as it
tries your body so hard that you may feel disgusting and irritating.

While travelling in a comfortable and luxurious bus can cherish your mood and makes your journey happy. This luxurious bus comes with the air- conditioned compartments along with the dining area where one can have their meal. They also take care of entertainment as one can watch various movies and shows through the television.

They also provide free internet connections or wifi so one can easily manage their office works or others works too by renting the busses like these. So, renting luxurious buses in Mumbai can be the best option, if you want to travel somewhere, as it provides you ultimate comfort which is everyone's requirement

The most important thing we take care of is that you get the best luxury bus and be
always satisfied with the service we provide at a very affordable price. You can
also Hire Luxury Ac Bus 49 Seater on Rent Mumbai, which is provided by very
few sites. When you think of Ac bus for hire, you often think about the high cost,
but we provide you this facility too at a very reasonable price in the whole market.
And to our premium customers, we also give them various redeemable coupons
they can apply from time to time for more exciting deals.
Hiring luxurious can be exciting it makes your journey joyful and interesting; As
Mumbai is one of the biggest metro cities so having a luxurious bus at affordability
is like blessing, with the luxurious or spacious busses one can get riff from all the
hassles related to business. In these luxury busses there is a spread compartment
for sleep and these busses are Air conditioned along with the puffy seats which
relax your body and make you comfortable while travelling through the long

We also committed to provide you the best service in the segment of Bus Hire Mumbai, Bus Rental Mumbai because of our wide network of tie-ups and network across the country.

According to the report of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), It is found that people prefer to travel from luxury buses from Mumbai to nearby cities
in which the most common destination was Goa and Pune and some also travel for cities like Nashik and Nagpur and we are talking about the far cities people also travel to nearby places from Buses like from Powai to Dombivli and east Mumbai  & South Mumbai.

And this is not only the case with the individual but for the business and commercial purposes various Multinational companies prefer the luxury buses for their employees for going from one place to another for various projects and

In the government sector too now a day’s various offices rent luxury buses for their employees to move from one place to another. In the recent data issued by the election commission of India more than twenty thousand buses were used from this you can understand how the rental market for the busses is growing rapidly and now popular it is becoming day by day.

Challenges in Transportation Now with the busses and passenger, one factor which is important is the luggage capacity of the bus because it is obvious that with the number of passengers their luggage will also be there and for this luxury buses have a huge space for your luggage.

Some luxury bus contains more features like customized entertainment system at each seat or cabin which is audio-video supported and bendable seats and onboard
facilities like washroom and meals at various stops.

Free drinking water is always there in luxury buses and with the ultra-smooth suspension; your whole journey will be very calm and smooth. 

At an early day’s people were always hesitant on choosing the rental Luxury bus
but with the change in time and needs people started to understand the merits of
Renting the bus for various purposes and if the cost you compare for taking bus and your private vehicle you will find the bus more beneficial.

In the transportation world, the luxury buses are doing the best business and India has witnessed the huge amount of booking of the luxury buses from the past three-four years.


Give us a chance to Rent You the Luxury Bus So to conclude one solution for all travel related problem is Hire Bus Rental Service in Mumbai as it is the easiest process without much documentation and formalities you can avail the service and at Sushma Travels, you can always have the customer support at any point your journey or before or after the journey we will always assist you.


So if you are planning some journey or want our service to make transportation arrangements for movements of your employees than you can think of us for superior service. We also rent luxury buses in Mumbai for all purposes.

We can manage transportation for more than a thousand people with our team of experts and experienced employees we carry capabilities to carry any task on time and with consistency and standard.



In Mumbai you can find us on any more than 5 branches and feel free to visit our office and ask any query related to booking and renting.

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