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If you’re planning a trip to Mumbai and wish to go sightseeing, let me tell you that there’s a lot to see and enjoy. But the Mumbai weather is hot and sultry and will make you sweat and spoil your fun. To avoid that, it would be better if you hired a car that took you around all parts of the city, showing you the famous sights that you always heard about.

So, one good suggestion would be to take a Tempo Traveller on Rent in Mumbai. You may have many choices of vans and cars in Mumbai but it’s always a good bet to take a Tempo Traveller as it is not just extra-spacious but you also get a lot of legroom and the environs are very clean and hygienic.If you’re coming from outstation, you’re sure to have a lot of luggage. Don’t worry because in a Tempo Traveller, there’s a lot of room in the boot. Now, let’s discuss the various sizes of Tempo Travellers you can choose from:

7-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller: Meant for a group of seven people, you can hire a Tempo Traveller in Mumbai easily. They are available at affordable prices all over the city. It has an AC and a non-Ac variant, so you can choose what you want. The van is very comfortable due to its push back seats, large windows and ample leg room. You can also enjoy a movie while you are driving, thanks to the plasma TV, DVD and LCD.

Besides these conveniences, there’s a uniformed driver who has a roaming mobile phone in case of emergencies and a first-aid kit. The drivers of these vans are usually very courteous and helpful, offering suggestions about how much to pay for food, shopping and other things.

9-Seater Maharaja Tempo Traveller: This nine-seater van is very comfortable with its many amenities. It has nine pushback leather seats, enough leg room, sound system, charging points, clean seat covers, large windows, curtains, first-aid box, LED screen.You will be accompanied with a uniformed driver and cleaner. You can choose from an AC or non-AC variant of this Tempo Traveller Hire in Mumbai.

12-Seater Tempo Traveller: For a large group on a few days’ holiday, this van is the most practical one to hire where everyone is together. If this one suits your needs, inform your travel agent to make all arrangements for you. This Tempo Traveller is very comfortable. It’s also large with a lot of room to walk around, large windows, push back seats with leather seating, music system, first-aid kit, ice box, etc. You can choose to go with an AC or non-AC variant.

If you take the right Mumbai Tempo Traveller on Rent for your group, you can see Mumbai enjoyably. This will give you the maximum value for your money and you will feel that you spent your money well.

If you like all the conveniences and features of the Tempo Traveller mentioned above, why not take the next step and book one for your group? We, at Sushma Travels, will be very happy to make your reservations. Just give us all the details and we will take the matter forward. Along with the Tempo Traveller and the driver’s services, we also give you a stack of water bottles, pleasant music and spritzed interiors. Our many years in this business have made us perfect in making reservations for even the most finicky travellers. So, let us know your specific needs and we will ensure that it is provided to you. In order to Hire Mumbai Tempo Traveller, kindly contact us today.