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Tempo Traveller on rent in Mumbai

Most of users don’t know these reason because they are unaware of it.,

Tempo travellers is just like a van or you can called as Mini Traveller having capacity of 13 Seater, 17 Seater, 20 Seater, 25 Seater,

Recently Bajaj Tempo Traveller launched 40 seater travellers but that is not our business today.

Our business is about 5 important things that you have to know about before booking tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai.

So, we starting now here are overview that you take a quick overview.

  • Seating Capacity
  • Kilometer Limit
  • Permit charges
  • Days of Trip Calculate
  • TollTax, Parking. Extra

Seating Capacity

Before hiring a vehicle we need to know that in tempo traveller having four types of vehicle first is 9+D, 13+D, 17+D, 20+D and 25+D.

Remember “D” represent Driver

Also you have to know that how many seats are pushback in tempo traveller.

Suppose you book tempo travellers 13 seater tempo traveller but not every seat is pushback, left hand of driver side one is not push back and also last three seat non push back.

In 13 seater you will get only 9 seat push back having model just 2+1 that means two seat on left hand and one seat on right hands.

You can see in the diagram of seat given below :

Kilometer Limit

Mostly of the people are unaware in Mumbai about the minimum kilometer average running of vehicle in mumbai.

Atleast you should know that before booking of tempo traveller they charges minimum kms 300 per days, that means your running is 250 from 12:00am to 12:00pm but you should pay the of complete 300 kms in any scenario.

But some of states having there own minimum kilometer pricing such as delhi, Haryana and etc having minimum kms limit 250

Special Permit Charges

Special Permit Charges that when you book a tempo traveller from Outstation from Point A to Point B or any point, In this scenario you have give a permit charges to travel agent or where you book your traveller.

Permit Charges is the norm of maharashtra RTO, which rto collecting permit charges per day basis.

How Much its Cost :

13 Seater Rs. 600 Per Day
17 Seater Rs. 600 Per Day
20 Seater Rs. 1000 Per Day

Days of Trip Calculate

Before booking we also know this essential information, a tour operator charge for complete day trip, timing calculate such as morning 12.00am t0 12.00pm as one day.

Suppose, If you book a tempo traveller from 5.00pm today and your return on next day you will pay charges for two day as per Kilometer Limit.

Toll Tax, Parking, Entry

Toll Tax most of the travel agent and bus operator charges toll taxes parking extra as per your terms of booking.

Parking charges is where you parked a vehicle, such as wedding hall, picnics spot, resort. In most of cases parking is free in resort, picnics sport, and other etc.

Entry is when driver having a proper paper and permit but some unfortunate reason cops wasting that our precious time without any reason or any argument driver is ready to pay entry because we all know very well that time is precious.

Want to calculate toll tax click link


Finally you know all most all details hence there might me any confusion so drop the comment below we answered as soon as possible.

Hope, you book your journey and enjoy the day and trip with your family.

Need a vehicle for hire so please give opportunity to hire we are here to help you 

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