12 Benefits Book Tempo Traveller Hire in Mumbai

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While travelling, we all endeavour a comfortable, safe and economical journey. Moreover, the raging pandemic and prolonged lockdown have made us aware of our health and sanity. 9 Seater tempo traveller hire in mumbai So most of the time, we look for a safe journey while maintaining social distance. Furthermore, while travelling with your family, to some outskirt destination, we worry about the health and wellbeing of the senior members and the little ones, and that’s why a 9 seater Tempo Travellers Hire in Mumbai is getting popular lately as it promises a safe and luxurious journey.

These days, people rely more on package travelling from various travel agencies. This helps them to experience a hassle-free and convenient journey. But to know more about 9 seater tempo traveller on hire, you need to connect with travel agencies who are committed to providing quality services at a very affordable rate. And here we, Sushma Travels stand out in our offerings! 

tempo traveller hire in mumbai

1. Select the Right Travel Company For a Pleasant Ride

If you are looking for a 9 seater tempo traveller on rent, then we make the best choice. Sushma Travels provides you tempo traveller hire in mumbai cordially welcomes you to take the luxurious service of rental vehicles at a very negotiable rate. All our vehicles assure a quality journey with experienced drivers and associates. We assure you of a dream ride.

We are the pioneers of tourism industry and we offer 9 seater tempo traveller hire in mumbai on rent in Thane at a competitive price. So, if you and your team are visiting Thane for a corporate meet, we can offer you some exciting packages. Keeping in mind the pandemic, we have taken several measures to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Our fleets are highly maintained with a comfortable interior and well-functioning air conditioner facility to offer the coldest journey on the hottest day. With sanitized vehicle each time, be assured of the health and hygiene measures. Your health is our top priority.

Whether you are looking for a long journey or a short one, you can always settle for our 9 seater tempo traveller on rent in Mira Bhayandar. In our 9 seater tempo arrangement, nine individual adults can sit in relaxation and luxury. You can sit, lean back, fall asleep or have fun with your peers, as our arrangements will make you feel utmost comfortable for tempo traveller hire in mumbai.

There are numerous benefits of taking a 9 seater tempo traveller on rent from Sushma Travels. Some of them are described below.

2. We Assure Ultimate Relaxation.

Our 9 seater tempo traveller on hire comes with both AC and Non -AC facilities. You can book it as per your wish. On sultry summer goes for AC ones, while the Non AC service are preferred during chilling winter months. So the choice is yours as per the weather and your mood.

3. Super Comfortable Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangement comes with a full recycling option and enough space at the front to relax your legs. Head and shoulder rest options are also available, which are soft, comfortable yet sturdy. The back seating arrangements are supportive and comfortable to relax your spine and lower back. Even a seating belt is provided with every seat for safety purposes.

4. Convenient Sliding Windows

Big sliding windows offer an enigmatic city view. Curtains are also provided if you are looking for privacy or guarding yourself against scorching sun rays.

5. Quality Sound System

Our vehicle is equipped with a quality sound system where you can play songs as per your choice as there is a facility for Bluetooth connectivity too.

6. Plasma or LED TV

Our vehicles are also equipped with LCD screens. So you can watch your favourite TV shows or movies and enjoy yourself with your family or team.

7. Internet & Charging Points

If you are looking for a corporate booking, then our 9 seater tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai offers a WIFI facility so that you can take video conferences on your laptop without any worry. Furthermore, charging points are also available where you can charge your mobile or laptop as per the need.

8. First Aid

For emergency medical treatment, our vehicle is equipped with a First aid box and icebox. So if you have an ankle sprain or minor injuries, then you are in safe hands.

9. Quality Driver & Assistance

All our drivers are trained and experienced to provide a safe and secure journey, whether for a longer duration or shorter. tempo traveller hire in mumbai all are valid license holders and of sound health and mind!

10. Routine Checking 

If you are looking for a 9 seater tempo traveller on rent in Thane, then safety should be your priority, and we are glad to tell you that we give priority to the service and maintenance.

Our vehicles undergo routine checking and servicing to ensure complete mechanical safety. tempo traveller hire in mumbai Furthermore, we sanitize our vehicles after every trip. Our drivers and workers are all double vaccinated.

11. Other Amenities

We provide FM radio, GPS navigation tracking, USB and Audio output to make your travel a pleasant experience.

You can even avail the service of a tour guide or operator if you prefer to explore some historical marvels of Mumbai or Thane or are in the mood to explore the city. Our experienced operator can give you the true essence of the city tempo traveller hire in mumbai. 

12. Travel with Us To See The Difference

Sushma Travels is one of the most reputed travel agencies in Mumbai, providing excellent solutions to all your transport-related issues in an effective manner. For a  tempo traveller hire in mumbai, we make a suitable choice.

Come and experience our services to feel the difference. Our happy clientele and their satisfactory testimonials are the legacies that we cherish. Some of our qualities are summed up here:

Online/Offline Booking

Instant Confirmation

Driver And Staff Assistance

Market Competent Rates

Wide Choices Of Vehicles

Guarantee Of Safety And Security

Time Punctuality

Responsive Customer Support

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