5 tips for employee transportation services in your company

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Employee Transporation Services

One of the biggest problems that employee transportation services face in big metropolitan cities like Mumbai is long commutation hours and tiring journeys. 

This leads to low productivity at work, frequent absents, arrival delays, losing out on efficient recruitment, and a lot of revenue losses that follow these conditions.

The only thing that could be done to avoid the aforesaid problems is to provide robust employee transportation services in Mumbai and helping your workforce to overcome the commutation hassles.

This can be done by either investing in an entire transport system or by hiring buses on Contract Basis in Mumbai and Thane that can help you with reliable services.

But before you make your decision and move forward in this direction, we have bought you some excellent tips to enhance your staff transportation services and employee transporation services.

By following some basic procedures and protocols, you can ensure a smooth ride that can enhance the commutation experience for your employees and can give your company the productivity boost that it requires.

So let us check out the 5 remarkable points that can be followed to get maximum benefits of the transportation facilities for employees.

Tip #1

Always Have a Plan B – Employee Transporation Services

As it is said there should be a Plan B for almost everything. Things can go for a toss at the last moment and you may fall into a dilemma and may not find an instant solution.

With staff transportation services, you may fall apart if your vehicle breaks down suddenly or if your driver falls sick at the scheduled time. Here you can always keep an alternative that can help you fill these little leakages and you can breathe in respite.

Here hiring buses on contract basis in Thane and Mumbai and seeking help always comes to your rescue.

Tip #2

Important to Choose the Vehicle Wisely – Employee Transporation Services

You have to access the number of commuters and their pick-up and drop locations and then decide on the size of the vehicle.

Right from a tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai to buses on contract basis in Thane you can choose to have the vehicle according to the required seating capacity.

Also, make sure that the vehicle is well-maintained and is serviced from time to time. This eradicates major chances of a mechanical breakdown thereby ruling out any inconvenience.

Routine check-ups and sanitization after each trip is recommended.

Tip #3

Get a Trained Chauffeur

Drivers are the ones whom you trust with the entire employee transportation services and so they should be hired only after a detailed inspection.

Do not forget to check the background and the identity proof before recruiting a chauffeur. Also, make sure that he is from a ethical background with no criminal records.

Only a driver with a valid license and sound mental health should be considered.

Tip #4

Choose Commutable Pick and Drop Points

When ferrying a large number of people, you cannot expect to give doorstep service to each of your employees.

So choose a convenient location that is easily accessible by your employees as well as the vehicle. Avoid narrow lanes and crowded places.

Tip #5

Add Commuter Friendly Services

Last but not the least make your employees comfortable during their long commutation hours. This can be done by providing adequate facilities like Free Wifi, AudioVisuals, Storage Spaces, Comfortable Sitting Arrangements, and lots more.

Only a happy employee will serve your company loyally and will devote his 100% dedication to his workplace.

Here hiring a reputable employee transportation services in Navi Mumbai and Thane is always recommended.

Outsource Your Employee Transportation Services in Mumbai at Affordable Costs!

It is a known fact that outsourcing your employee transportation services in Thane and Navi Mumbai, to a professional transport company, is a lot cheaper than maintaining an in-house transport department.

The surging fuel costs, the sky-rocketing vehicle maintenance costs, drivers’ salary, parking expenses, and the time and effort that go into providing transport facility for employees may not be what you want to indulge in! And why do so if you can get premium employee transportation services in Mumbai at a budgeted package.

Sushma Travels is the pioneer in the transport sector employee transporation services in Mumbai and the services are par excellence. Having served this industry for more than a decade we have gathered paramount experience and expertise to overcome every loophole.

Our quotations for the employee transporation services and Buses on Contract Basis in Mumbai are the lowest and our services are unparalleled! We are also maintaining the Covid-19 safety protocols to give you a secure and safe service!

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