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As an employer, you’re perhaps aware of the difficulties that your employees face when commuting to the workplace and back each day. With the traffic conditions worsening every day and increasing fuel costs coupled with undependable means of transport, employees are left fuming at the problems of commuting which they face.

Due to them, they are unable to give their work, their 100% which leaves them frustrated.

If you are aware of all of this, isn’t it time that you offer your Employee Transportation Services to your employees? By doing this, you will take a load off their shoulders and improve your own employee productivity and overall retention power.

Here are five tips that you can use successfully:

  1. Enable easy daily commutes

 Ask for the details of all your employees who need transportation services. These details will include their pick-up and drop address, preferred route, time of pick up and drop, etc. Put these details together and devise a route that will mean offering them a doorstep Corporate Employee Transportation Services at both ends. This will be time-saving for them and cost-effective too.

  1. Select the perfect vehicle

According to the headcount, choose the perfect vehicle that will carry everyone to work and back safely. This will prove cost-effective for your company and will also be environment-compliant.

  1. Choose a reliable transport partner

When seeking Employee Transportation Solutions, go with a reliable one. And don’t just choose a high-quality vehicle, but also a good and experienced driver, prompt after-sales service and wonderful deals. If you get all or some of these, you know you’re in safe hands.

  1. Organizing employee participation at large events

An innate part of your brand image consists of organizing and participating in company events. Your staff must be present at these in good number, but they can only do this when transport to the venue is assured. If you can take on this role of ensuring Employee Transport Service, your staff will be happy to participate in the company events and make a grand success of them.

  1. What’s your Plan ?

What happens when one of your company buses breaks down or your driver falls sick? Such problems can be averted if you have ties with a good transport agency. It will send someone else to drive your bus for that day or perhaps another vehicle, if required.With a good transportation company, you can tide over any difficulties or emergencies. 

Benefits of having a good transportation partner 

Why make life uncomfortable for your employees every morning and evening in a tight-as sardines train compartment or bus? Instead, give them the comfort of a bus exclusive for them, and see the changes it brings about. What are these changes and benefits? Let’s take a look at the benefits of Corporate Staff Transport Services.

  • Productivity increases

Research proves that when one commutes for more than 10 miles a day, one’s health can be affected significantly. The average one should commute per day is 51 minutes. Any more than that can lower one’s enthusiasm and affect one’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, using a shuttle service for Transportation of Employees over a long journey can reduce stress and increase productivity as employees have enough time to prepare for their day.

  • Punctuality

Employees will always reach work on time if they take the company bus or shuttle. Overall, this will lead to whole teams of employees working well together, and also generating better work-life balance. 

  • Cost-saving

Daily travel can be expensive, so if you offer your employees bus travel, it will be a very considerate gesture on your part.

If you are keen to enjoy these benefits of offering transport to your staff, get in touch with a reputed and widely experienced company like Sushma Travels. We have a fleet of very good buses and vehicles just right for small, medium and large groups. Take your pick. Along with the vehicle, you get a courteous driver who drives at a sedate speed and is always punctual. He will also reach you to the office on time. Apart from offering you really good vehicles, we also offer you good deals. If you’re keen to explore more with us, give us a call today and let’s meet up soon. After all, if your staff’s overall productivity increases, so does your bottom line. Isn’t that enough to invest in staff transport?

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